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Crane consultancy and inspection

Improve crane performance and availability, and extend lifetime

Engineering consultancy services help you improve the performance and availability – and extend the lifetime – of your crane equipment, whatever the brand. Kalmar crane experts will guide you in choosing the right upgrade solution for your needs, and can also advise on the best course of action in the case of major damage or emergency repairs.

Crane lifetime analysis and extension

Based on your requirements for increasing the technical lifetime, we identify and inspect the critical structural members and components of your crane. We also define any reinforcements by using stress and fatigue calculations.

Engineering feasibility study

We guide you through the complicated process of specifying and selecting the best upgrade solution to improve your equipment and operational performance. We provide specifications, scope of work, budgeting, engineering design, supplier selection, fabrication, installation and commissioning. For example, a technical and commercial feasibility study can identify the best course of action if you need to raise the height of your crane to accommodate larger vessels, or want to identify the most appropriate way to reduce fuel consumption and emissions at your terminal.

Crane damage survey and emergency services

We can support you with all engineering work related to the assessment of damaged cranes and underperforming cranes. And should the worst happen, such as an equipment collapse, collision, or other serious incident, our specialist teams are on call to assess the stability of your crane and ensure safety at your terminal.