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It’s an eco-efficiency story with different videos, and we can’t wait to share it with you from the Kalmar Green Chair. Sitting comfortably? Then let’s get started.

Eco-efficiency is no longer an optional extra. To help your business survive and thrive on its eco-efficiency journey, we can help with a step-by-step approach to reducing your carbon footprint – with zero emissions as the ultimate goal.

Every month we’ll share a new video in our story, showing you how we can support you on your eco-efficiency journey. 


Learn more about the alternative fossil-free fuel HVO100 fuel.

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A New Era of Logistics
A New Era of Logistics
In this chapter, Michel Van Roozendaal, President of Kalmar Mobile Solutions shares his views on the New Era of Logistics: Why did we decide to invest in sustainability and what benefits will it bring?
Developing the Kalmar Electric Reachstacker videos
Openness and transparency are key elements for success.
What is Bosch Rexroth’s role in Kalmar’s electrification project? Inge Van Opstal, Global Category Manager, Electrification, Kalmar, interviews Matthias Kielbassa, Vice President, Electrification of mobile machines of Bosch Rexroth, who explains how they are helping us with developing our electric reachstacker.
Battery solutions that last for a whole shift.
An essential part of electrically powered cargo handling equipment is the battery. Listen to Mette Kjems Bærentzen, Product Portfolio Manager, Counterbalanced Container Handlers, who gives an overview of Kalmar’s lithium-ion battery solution.
What will need to change?
What changes when you switch from a diesel to an electric reachstacker? Peter Olsson, Director, Business Development, Counterbalanced Container Handlers, answers this frequently asked question and explains the main changes in infrastructure, driving experience and environmental impact.
Are you ready to be electrified?
Kalmar is finalising its decades-long electrification odyssey this year. Hear more about the journey from Alf-Gunnar Karlgren, Vice President, Counterbalanced Container Handlers!
Welcome to the Green Chair!
To help your business survive and thrive on its eco-efficiency journey, we’re launching the Kalmar Green Chair initiative. Enjoy the first sneak peek!
Up to 90% less carbon emissions with HVO100 fuel.
HVO100 (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil) is an alternative fossil-free fuel that reduces carbon emissions by up to 90%. In the latest Green Chair chapter, Niclas Samuelsson, Sales & Product Strategy Engineer, Terminal Tractors, explains what HVO100 fuel is, why it is important and what benefits it brings.
Going electric with your forklift operations - video series
Electric Forklift vs Diesel Forklift
It's race day – time to see how the electric forklift compares to its diesel-powered counterpart in real-life challenges.
Financial impact
Does going electric make economic sense? This is where total cost of ownership comes to play. Learn more from David Pilten, Business Development Manager at Kalmar Forklift trucks.
Requirements of different segments
We know that different industries have different requirements and guarantee our electric forklifts get the job done. That’s why we want to invite you for a test drive!
Environmental impact
What does going electric mean in terms of emissions and sustainability? It means you win twice with drastically reduced emissions and running costs. Learn more from Martin Hall, Country Director at Kalmar Sweden.
Charging and batteries
What’s the difference between Lead-acid and Li-ion batteries? Are they easy to charge? Join Alina Reinhold and Martin Håkansson and learn more.
Operating time
Can electric forklift manage the same shifts as a diesel-powered machine? There is a simple answer to that question.
Electric Terminal Tractor videos
Kalmar Electric Terminal Tractors leading the charge.
In this video of the Green Chair, Inge Van Opstal, Global Category Manager, Electrification, Kalmar interviews Gina Lopez about the development of the Kalmar Ottawa Electric T2E+ Terminal Tractor where Gina will highlight its 3 key new points.
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