The main goal for Cabooter is to become the industry leader in emission reduction by developing a sustainable future for its rail terminal. Operating from multimodal hubs in Venlo in southeastern Netherlands and Kaldenkirchen in Germany, the global logistics provider already benefits from four Eco Reachstackers

Making resources reach further

Reducing fuel consumption with these Eco Reachstackers is contributing to a greener planet, while lowering noise levels offers a better working environment and more flexibility within built-up residential areas. Cabooter Group has now gone one step further by acquiring the first Kalmar Electric Reachstacker in the world.

Hans Cabooter, President and CEO, spoke about what this means for driving a more sustainable future when the keys were officially handed over at the Venlo hub in May 2023:

“I think every entrepreneur should have a moral compass and participate in the transition to a greener way of working. Therefore, we signed a joint venture agreement with Kalmar four years ago at the Messe in Munich and this is the result.”

Kalmar’s electric offering is designed to help customers reduce CO2 and overall fuel costs as well as comply with increasingly strict airborne and noise emissions standards, all without compromising on performance.

Cabooter’s decision to use the electric reachstacker came from this need, especially at its Kaldenkirchen terminal, which is in the city centre where there are clearly defined limits for these emissions. Kaldenkirchen will become Europe’s first electric, carbon-neutral rail terminal, and Venlo is being redesigned for the future too.

Kalmar’s first Eco Hero

The first ever Kalmar Eco Hero Award was also presented to the Cabooter Group in recognition of its commitment to adopting electrically powered equipment and cutting emissions. By sharing such experiences as an ambassador for sustainability, this pioneering logistics operator is inspiring other businesses to follow the same path.

“I expect the cost of the machine to go down slightly, and that we will remove fossil fuel completely from our terminal within eight years,” adds Hans.

Powered by advanced lithium-ion battery technology, the Kalmar Electric Reachstacker offers lifting capacities of up to 45 tonnes and improves the eco-efficiency of cargo-handling operations. Enabling customers to maintain the highest levels of productivity and safety, it also comes available with a range of modular battery options and charging solutions.